New Project: Only High

Posted by admin on October 30, 2023

I started a new project called Only High. What it is about? It looks like a clone of "Only Up", but it is not really.

On the first look, it reminds the Only Up, especially the name Only High. And it is really inspired to make this game but the idea was a long time ago and it was based on skill tests in GTA5 and CS Go. When you needed to have the skill to climb on top of the custom map.

Underground level in Only High Game Screenshot 001

It is in the early stages, but it is already hard. We with my friends couldn't beat the first level last weekend. But I made it challenging but predictable. You are in control. I didn't add the ledge climb mechanic, because it is unpredictable. Sometimes it works and it is too easy, sometimes it just doesn't work.

Underground level in Only High Game Screenshot 002

So what is Only High? It is a challenging skill test, close to Only Up, but in a cyberpunk setting. But not the neon shiny cyberpunk we know, I liked the dark settings like in the movies: Fifth Element and Blade Runner.

Underground level in Only High Game Screenshot 003

The game will have a checkpoints system but only 14 of them. It supports multiplayer, and I find, it is much more fun to play with friends. It has 14 major levels - worlds. It starts underground and leads to the city and higher. You need to get high enough. The major levels have sublevels, with the possibility to choose an easy and slow or hard and fast way. It will have secrets, shortcuts, and some puzzles.

Two Ways in Only High Game

It is gonna be released on Steam at the start of 2024.

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