The dark world around Agency 13.

Posted by admin on July 16, 2023

My current project is Agency 13. The story is based on my connected novels: Mad World, Alice in Madness, and 13 horror stories. The world is based on parallel dimensions and the ability to travel to them. And at the same time, evil creatures can come to our world in some conditions. Some of them are just malicious with the mind of a beast. However, some of them are very intelligent and have ambitious plans for our world.

To investigate and prevent any through-dimensional breach was formed, a federal agency of paranormal investigation. It was spread across the globe, but most of the activities were detected in Ohio, US. You play as a field agent of Division 13 based in Ohiopolis, Ohio, US. Your objectives are to investigate, eliminate the threat, and close the breach between worlds.

Agency 13 The office

That is the basic story of the game. The gameplay is hugely inspired by Phasmophobia. You pick a contract and go to the location. You find a corps - there is always a victim. Furthermore, you collect evidence to determine which is the malicious entity and find an artifact that causes the interdimensional breach. Based on the evidence, you conduct a correct ritual to banish the monster and close the portal.

The monster can be in two states. The first is when the monster is in the border dimension, normally minding its own business. It can't harm you but can see you, not restricted by the physical world. And it can be detected by sensors. The second, when it is angry, it can enter our dimension and kill the agent, but in our world, it needs to see and hear and walk in the physical world.

Agency 13 - Agent Olivia

The game is going to be a co-op multiplayer for up to 4 people. I use Unreal Engine 5.2 currently, but I don't think I am gonna use all of its power, because I want to target slower PC too. The minimum would be around GTX1060.

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